The Buenos Aires Survival Guide: Resources For Making The Most Of Your Time Here

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The following are a collection of awesome Buenos Aires blogs, websites and activities that will allow you to make the most out of your stay in Buenos Aires.


Pick Up The Fork
For the best web resource on all things food, drinks and restaurants, look no further than Pick Up The Fork is the go to guide for figuring out what restaurant or bar to go to. Amazing lists, heavily researched and good wit, you don’t need any other site for all your food needs.

Anuva Wines
If you are looking to dive into the world of Argentine Wine, you can’t go wrong with attending a wine tasting at Anuva Wines.

The Argentine Experience
For a great overview of Argentine cuisine, check out The Argentine Experience. In a newly renovated building in Palermo Hollywood, at The Argentine Experience you will learn how to make your own empanadas, prepare mate, eat amazing steak, sample incredible Argentine wine and make Argentine style desserts.

Parrilla Tour
Want to explore the best “off the beaten path” restaurants and cuisines in Buenos Aires? Book a spot on the Parrilla Tour. The Parrilla Tour will take you around to visit some of the cities best “hole in the wall” parrillas to try meats and empanadas, visiting places that tourists would never know of.

Book Recommendation: Don’t Fry for Me Argentina
Written by chef Dan Perlman of the popular closed door restaurant Casa Salt Shaker and the great food blog Saltshaker, Don’t Fry for Me Argentina is a great collection of stories about life in Buenos Aires mixed with anecdotes about food.


Landing Pad BA
For all your tour and activity needs, is the place to find the right one for you. Landing Pad BA is a trustworthy, convenient place to book all the best tours and activities in Buenos Aires. It is also the best place to get tickets to football matches at good prices which can be very sketchy going through other channels. Learn how to play Polo, go on food tours, book airport transportation, learn or watch tango and explore the city with trusted guides. It is all there!

Buenos Aires Cultural Concierge
Looking to have personal customization of your stay in Buenos Aires? Buenos Aires Culture Concierge can design itineraries based on your needs. For those who feel more secure being guided by a trustworthy host, BACC will be with your every step of the way.

Buenos Tours
A consistent winner of TripAdvisor’s “Certificate of Excellence”, Buenos Tours offers private walking tours to explore Buenos Aires. Walking is one of the best ways to gain a sense of the overall “vibe” of Buenos Aires and if you are new to the city one of the best ways to do it is with a custom guide who knows the best places to go.


The Argentina Independent
To stay on top of Buenos Aires and Argentine current events, news and social issues, the best English language resource out there is

Buenos Aires Herald
The oldest English newspaper in Argentina, The Buenos Aires Herald provides a good daily overview of the news.

The Argentina section of MercoPress is a great English resources to stay on top of economic issues related to Argentina. Stay on top of all the “dollar Blue” mania here.

The Bubble
“The Bubble is a news aggregator website and op-ed platform that dissects what is happening in Argentina, covering current events and analyzing pop and media culture.”


Speak Spanish BA is the professional name for private Spanish teacher Cynthia Vilaplana, recently featured in our “Ask a Porteño” series. Cynthia has been giving private Spanish lessons for the past 6 years to students all over the world and comes highly recommended.

If you are looking to take group lessons, EXPANISH is the best Spanish school in Buenos Aires. Class sizes are small and you will meet people from all over the world. Activities and dinners are available all through the week as well.


Como Viajo
Como Viajo is an easy tool to figure out how to get from one specific address to another in Buenos Aires using public transportation. Just enter your starting address and your final address and it will give you several different options of how to arrive by subway or bus.

The same tool as Como Viajo but the city government’s version. Many find this site easier to use than Como Viajo and with better functionality. They are both worth visiting to figure out which one you like best.


Airbnb is a great place to find an apartment to stay in if you are coming to Buenos Aires for a couple days, a week or a few months. Before AirBnB there were an overabundance of apartment rental websites to choose from, but now most of them have their apartments listed on AirBnB.

If you are looking for a long term rental or a place to buy, check out ArgenProp. It has thousands of apartments to rent or buy listed. (Website in Spanish).

The Buenos Aires version of Craigslist is not a bad place to try and find an apartment. It is especially good for finding cheap accommodation. You will have to dig a little, but ever once an a while a great opportunity comes up for a cheap room.


Looking for more blogs and websites that provide valuable Buenos Aires information like Gringo In BA? The following are a list of websites and blogs that provide high value Buenos Aires tidbits from a different perspective.

Wander Argentina
Wander Argentina is a great website with a multitude of wonderful information on Buenos Aires and Argentina in general.

BA Expats
BA Expats is the most active “expat” forum for expats and visitors in Buenos Aires. It is a good place to go if you have a specific question or are looking for a specific thing in Buenos Aires. Just don’t spend a lot of time browsing the forums as it consists of a lot of people complaining and will taint the perspective of your own specific experience of Buenos Aires.

Discover Buenos Aires
Discover Buenos Aires provides very specific, actionable advice regarding living in Buenos Aires from the expat point of view. The tips, suggestions, contacts are all highly valuable.

My Buenos Aires Travel Guide
My Buenos Aires Travel Guide provides a good up to date overview of all the happenings and activities that occur monthly in Buenos Aires.

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    I definitely recommend Mapa Buenos Aires from the government, mainly because the same map can be downloaded as an app on your smartphone!

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