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An Insider’s Guide To Eating, Sightseeing and Getting Off the Tourist Trail
Introducing The Most Comprehensive Guidebook to Buenos Aires to date

What’s Included!
An in-depth, 400+ page insider’s guide to Buenos Aires produced by locals who live and breathe the Paris of South America
Wink-and-smile tips on accessing closed-door restaurants, password-protected speakeasies and underground milongas (Tango dance parties).
Fly-on-the-wall photography offering a real glimpse into the neighborhoods, restaurants, cafes and bars you’ll encounter on your journey
Detailed maps providing an easy reference for adventures into 19 different neighborhoods





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What Makes Our Guide Different?
Buenos Aires: An Insider’s Guide To Eating, Sightseeing and Getting Off The Tourist Trail doesn’t just re-hash the same old tourist spots every guide book tells you about; it digs deeper, exploring the city and experiencing it as the locals do. Have you ever picked up a guide book to a new city and realized everything was geared towards tourists and not how to live like a local? Yes, you are a tourist and yes, you will do touristy things, but at some point you want to break free from what all the guide books are recommending and see and feel the real city. While Buenos Aires: An Insider’s Guide to Eating, Sightseeing and Getting Off The Tourist Trail covers all the basics you will need to know whether you are visiting Buenos Aires as a tourist for a week or planning on living in Buenos Aires, Our guide digs deeper, showing you the in and outs of this beautiful city.


Cut your steak with a spoon at a parrilla (steakhouse) in San Telmo. Take your date for barbecued pizza at a candle-lit restaurant in Villa Crespo. Share the dinner table with ten other guests at a private, closed-door restaurant in Colegiales. Line up with taxi drivers for empanadas at a hole-in-the-wall in Palermo Viejo.


Pass the tea like a pro with a guide to proper hierba mate (the most popular caffiene beverage) etiquette. Throw back a fernet and Coke with the cool crowd in Palermo. Taste a flight of Argentine vino and load up on tapas at a Palermo Soho wine bar. Sip a cortado and chat with locals at an old-school cafe in Almagro.


Dance tango at a beginners class in Balvanera. Dance away your Monday blues at a converted cooking-oil factory in El Centro. Listen to jazz in a dimly lit club in Palermo. Watch the sunrise from the open-air terrace of a nightclub in Costanera Norte.


Rent your own private apartment in San Telmo. Luxuriate in five-star opulence at a hotel overlooking the water in Puerto Madero. Share a dorm with backpackers at the rockingest hostel in Monserrat.


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Buenos Aires: An Insider’s Guide To Eating, Sightseeing and Getting Off the Tourist Trail is loaded with amazing custom content that will make your Buenos Aires experience the time of your life!
Like you, we’re intrepid travelers. We’re unafraid to ditch the beaten path and carve our own. And that’s why we’ve created this book. Tired of the worn-out tourist traps, we set out to deliver an entirely new look at Buenos Aires, one written from a local’s perspective. We’ve done it all, and we’re eager to share it with you. Of course, we’ve included plenty of tried-and-true suggestions for your trip. How could you miss the Casa Rosada? Or the Recoleta Cemetery? But travelers like you, those who thirst for a local experience, will also find a wealth of off-the-beaten-path recommendations. Go ahead: Mingle with old-timers in Almagro. Rub shoulders with fútbol stars in Puerto Madero. Eat a choripán in Chacarita. And at the end of the day, you can revel in knowing that the experience was all your own.
Awesome Original Photography
Transport yourself to the Paris of South America with amazing original photos by Buenos Aires photographer Tim Fitzgerald shot exclusively for this guide. A result of many months of digging deep into Buenos Aires, the photos will show you the ins and outs of the restaurants, cafes and bars you will visit, as well as give you a feel for life on the street.
19 In Depth Neighborhood Guides
Whats makes our guide strikingly different from other Buenos Aires guides is the amount of detail dedicated to exploring all the top neighborhoods. While other guides might offer some insight into the couple of the main neighborhoods, we dig deeper and provided detailed information on the best restaurant and nightlife options in 19 neighborhoods as well great info on sightseeing. Each neighborhood guide in acompanied by detailed maps, so you can find every recommended place with ease.
The Best Restaurant, Drinks and Nightlife Recommendations
Besides tons of amazing restaurant, drink, cafe and nightlife recommendations located in the neighborhood guides, we have a whole separate section dedicated to exploring the topic further. Looking for the best places to watch or dance Tango every night of the week? We have you covered. The best Cocktail bars, best bars for beer, best bars for listening to music? Just check out the Bar section. Explore restaurant recommendations based on cuisine. Find the best places to eat Meat (a must in Buenos Aires!), have amazing Peruvian food or eat Pizza and Empanadas at a classic Buenos Aires establishment!
Lovely Custom Illustrations Make Reading the Guide a Joy
Buenos Aires: An Insider’s Guide to Eating, Sightseeing and Getting Off the Tourist Trail is not just another formulaic travel guide that replicates the same structure for every different city. As an independent publisher we have dedicated all our time to one city: Buenos Aires. Lovely custom illustrations, icons and motifs celebrating the culture and traditions of Buenos Aires illustrate this point (no pun intended!)
We have painstakingly analyzed all the top areas of Buenos Aires and have created incredible custom maps for over 19 of the best neighborhoods to eat drink or play
See some samples below….
That’s Cool… But What Else is included? Give me the fine details!!
  • A roundup of off-the-beaten-path sightseeing tours in Buenos Aires. Experience Buenos Aires through photography or by exploring its street art. We show you the best non-touristy tours to experience Buenos Aires.
  • An insider’s look into the secret bars/nightclubs of Buenos Aires. Have you heard of a Speakeasy? Well, Buenos Aires is full of secret bars and nightclubs with no formal address; we show you where they are.
  • An in depth and insiders look at 19 of Buenos Aires’ neighborhoods complete with sightseeing, dining and nightlife recommendations for each one. Want to drink cafe in Almagro (an off the beaten path neighborhood) in one of Buenos Aires oldest and most beautiful cafes? We will show you where.
  • A huge guide into the nightlife of Buenos Aires, providing you with a giant list of the best nightclub options in Buenos Aires as well as nightlife recommendations for each night of the week so no matter what day it is, you know the best place to party.
  • An extensive guide to Tango that features the best places to see a Tango show, the best Milongas (a Milongas is a Tango party or a bar/club devoted to dancing tango) in town and the best places to take Tango Lesson’s. We also provide Milonga recommendations for each night of the week, so no matter what day it is, you can go out and dance the Tango!
  • We review over 25 of the best hotels and hostels in Buenos Aires covering all price ranges. Whether you are looking for a cheap and clean hostel or want 5 star luxury, our list will provide you with all the details you need.
  • Much Much More!!!
Read It Anywhere! Perfect For Reading on Your Tablet Device, iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, Laptop, etc!
One of the best aspects of our guide is its mobility. Being in PDF form, its optimized for viewing on tablet devices, cell phones, laptops, desktops, etc.
Read it on all your devices!!
One of the best aspects of our guide is its mobility. Being in PDF form, its optimized for viewing on tablet devices, cell phones, laptops, desktops, etc.
Reading our guide on an iPad or other tablet device is a beautiful experience!
Enjoy the book on your iPad on the plane ride to Buenos Aires. Use it on the streets of Buenos Aires on your iPhone for quick access to recommendations and maps. The possibilities are endless!


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Download a FREE chapter!
Please feel free to download a free chapter below and give the book a test drive. This sample chapter is the neighborhood guide to San Telmo, a bohemian neighborhood with great history, dining and nightlife.

So what will your experience be? Will you dance till dawn with the DJ set, or have a quiet conversation over cocktails at a speakeasy? Share a mate with friends in the park, or a medialuna with locals in a cafe? Knock elbows at a crowded parrilla, or make acquaintances over dinner at a private residence? With this book as your guide, you can do it all. So pack your bags: You’re about to embark on an adventure few tourists ever experience—a unique adventure you won’t soon forget.
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