The Best Empanadas in Buenos Aires

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Empanadas – you’ll see them in bakeries, restaurants, kiosks, supermarkets and gas stations. So what’s all the fuss about? Well, the empanada is quite possibly the king of snacks. Think along the lines of a bite-size Cornish pasty stuffed with savory goodness, which you can easily eat four or five (quite possibly more) of in a single sitting. In fact, … Read More

The Best Cocktail Bars in Buenos Aires

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Verne Club

You’ve probably heard the rumors – and they’re true. At long last, a craft-cocktail movement is on the rise in Buenos Aires, and it’s accessible to all. Speakeasy bars with secret passwords, bars hidden behind the back doors of boutiques, lounges set inside refurbished warehouses and even bars visible to the naked eye are springing up by the dozen. Run … Read More

Buenos Aires Boliches: Nightlife in BA

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They say that New York is the city that never sleeps, but Buenos Aires is one of the world’s frontrunners when it comes to 24-hour partying. Many of the best things about this fascinating city happen after dark, and you’ll notice that nightlife and nighttime activities play a key role in the lives of porteños. A few things to know: … Read More

The Best Museums in Buenos Aires

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We all know Buenos Aires is famous for its cafes, nightlife, tango and soccer. But it’s also a city with a rich history and a thriving arts scene. Dotting Buenos Aires’ barrios is a fascinating collection of museums and galleries that showcase the city’s heritage, historical figures and love of the arts. The popular barrio of Palermo is home to … Read More

The Best Ice Cream in Buenos Aires

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  Summers in Buenos Aires are long, hot and humid. Many porteños pack up and head to the beaches of Mar del Plata and Punta del Este. However, scores remain, painstakingly sweating their way through the blazing temperatures in search of an air-conditioned refuge. While a cold beer can help to beat the heat, there is nothing quite like a … Read More

Anuva Wines: Wine Tasting In Buenos Aires

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Recently moving into a new private loft in Palermo Soho, The Anuva Wine tasting is a perfect way to sample the many amazing wines that has made Argentina one of the most popular wine producers in the world. Accommodating anywhere from 8 to 50 people per wine tasting, guests enjoy a wide selection of Argentine wines accompanied by a selected … Read More

i Latina: An Unforgettable Dining Experience in Buenos Aires

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Since its opening two years ago, i Latina has been providing the flavors of Latin America to a curious and sophisticated audience. In a beautiful French-style house, in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo 3 Colombian siblings: Santiago, Camilo and Laura Macias, launched a project that involves a 7 course tasting menu that celebrates the unique and electric tastes of Latin … Read More

Ask A Porteño: 15 Questions With Buenos Aires Native Matías Serrano

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Each month we ask a Porteño (Buenos Aires Native) the same 15 questions with the goal of getting a unique perspective on Buenos Aires that visitors and expats alike can learn from. In this month’s edition we meet up with Matías Serrano, an Internet Publisher. Matías Serrano: Age 35. Originally from Quilmes, Lives in Palermo. Works in Internet Publishing. 1. … Read More