To live within the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires Argentina is to live like a Porteño. A Gringo in Buenos Aires is an extensive guide for expats, students, vacationers, or even a native, about living like a Porteño.

Our mission is to provide you with useful information that focuses on quick assimilation into the Porteño culture. Many familiar websites promote the same restaurants, bars and ‘cultural’ experiences, but cater to those locations where the gringo would feel most comfortable (and be surrounded by other gringos). We at A Gringo in Buenos Aires recognize firsthand that you must break free and live like a local to get the most out of living abroad.

A Gringo in Buenos Aires provides tips and tricks that make life easier here in Buenos Aires. Along with general lessons about the Porteño, you’ll also understand how locals eat, drink, and play. Let’s get movin’!

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