Palermo is a big barrio, so we have broken it down into the following sub-barrios!:

Palermo Soho
Palermo Soho is a part of Palermo: specifically, the chunk of Palermo Viejo (which itself is a sub-barrio, specifically the area bordered by Santa Fe, Córdoba, Dorrego and Coronel Díaz) that’s south-west of Juan B. Justo and that contains Plaza Serrano. Littered with cafés, restaurants and boutiques in low-rise buildings, Palermo Soho is trendy, creative, chic, young, cool.

Palermo Hollywood
Palermo Hollywood, is the colloquial name for the section of Palermo Viejo (which, for the map lovers, is the half of Palermo that’s bordered by Santa Fe, Córdoba, Dorrego and Coronel Díaz) that lies between Juan B. Justo and Dorrego. There are a lot of radio and television studios in the area – hence the name – but now it’s more known for its nightlife, which includes some of the best restaurants, bar and clubs in the city.

Alto Palermo
Although Palermo has been a popular barrio since its modern inception in the 1830s, Alto Palermo is a relatively new addition to the sub-barrios of Buenos Aires’ largest neighborhood. The area takes its name from the namesake shopping mall inaugurated in 1990. The introduction of the mall led to the area becoming one of the busiest shopping districts of the city.

Palermo Viejo
This is the oldest part of the barrio and occupies its southeastern corner. If you haven’t worked it out already, ‘Viejo’ means ‘Old’ in Spanish. The barrio actually incorporates both Palermo Hollywood and Palermo Soho. However, here we will concentrate on the eastern area bounded by Avenida Santa Fe to the north, Coronel Diaz to the east, Cordoba to the south, and Scalabrini Ortiz to the west.

Palermo Chico
Characteristic of Palermo’s many aliases; the barrio is also referred to as Barrio Parque. This is the place of millionaires and ambassadors, local television and sporting celebrities.

Las Cañitas
Las Cañitas is famed for possessing one of the biggest concentrations of bars and restaurants in the city, which give the nightlife of Palermo Hollywood a run for its money. A consequence of this is a large number of expats and vacationers residing in the area.

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