The 5 Best American Brunch Spots in Buenos Aires

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Updated June 27th 2011.

It’s inevitable that living the expat life means foregoing some of the things you ordinarily like to do. Be that as it may, some things are sacrosanct. Reliable broadband is one, and another…is brunch. Sure, the standard combo of tres medialunas and a cup of strong Argentine coffee will get you buzzing, but when the sugar-and-caffeine high ends abruptly a little later you’ll be left wishing you’d had a healthier option instead. Read on for some of the best places to find just that.

Recently Added:

Randalls CLOSED 
Malabia 1530 (between Gorriti and Honduras)

Randalls is probably the best place to go if you are looking for an American style Brunch/Breakfast. Serving Breakfast/Brunch all day, Randalls has amazing Omelets, Pancakes and Waffles with Real Maple Syrup, great bacon, great fries/potatoes and everything else you would expect from your favorite Breakfast/Brunch spot back in the States. The point is, the point of Randalls IS American style breakfast. That is what they do and they do it well. American Style Breakfast/Brunch all day, everyday.

Costa Rica 4619 (b/w Armenia & Gurruchaga)

Popular ex-pat bar Sugar offers some tasty Omelets, English brunch specials, Waffles and Pancakes, Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas on Saturdays and Sundays. A good place to put off your hangover with some more booze.

The Office   CLOSED

Arévalo 3031, Las Cañitas

The Office serves up some tasty brunch which includes bacon, eggs and pancakes. I am sure they will serve you some stiff breakfast cocktails as well.

Magdalena’s Party

Thames 1795 (esq. Costa Rica)

Magdalena’s Party has great brunch options every Saturday and Sunday Starting at 12:00pm. Options include Belgian Waffles, Pancakes, Omelettes, Eggs, Potatoes and Bacon, Bagels with Lox, Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwiches and much more.


1. Bar 6
Armenia 1676
Palermo Soho

Is it a café? Is it a bar? Is it a restaurant? That’s the thing in Buenos Aires: many places are all three. Regardless of categorization, Bar 6 offers a credible brunch in funky faux-industrial surroundings. It’s comfortable as well, particularly if you manage to snare a set of the couches and armchairs that are set around low tables at the front.
Brunch-wise Bar 6 has bagel options, toasted sandwiches (try the open lomo), and a good breakfast that includes the four staples: scrambled eggs; toast; coffee, and juice.
If you’re in the habit of surfing après-brunch (it is a good aid to digestion) you’ll be happy to that know Bar 6 has free Wi-Fi; feel free to take your MacBook along and blog about what you just ate.

2. Olsen

Gorriti 5870
Palermo Hollywood

is a Scandinavian-styled café/bar treat that’s best enjoyed in summer, when its outdoor patio and garden really comes into its own.
The brunch menu at Olsen is very good, with lox and bagels both making an appearance. The main options all include some variety of salad, an egg-based main dish (omelet or scrambled eggs), a potato pancake, and either meat or fish.
Don’t feel like you have to rush to get to Olsen in time for Sunday brunch: it doesn’t start until 10am and it doesn’t end until 8pm! On the other hand it does get very, very busy on weekends; booking in advance is a good idea.

3. Oui Oui
6068 Nicaragua
Palermo Viejo

Alright, this Palermo Viejo café doesn’t exactly aim to do an American-style brunch (did the name give that away?), but happily it seems that the French unwittingly do a pretty handy version of it anyway. The excellent granola with yoghurt and fruit is perhaps the best choice at Oui Oui, but all of the options that include eggs are also fantastic. The juice is also great, and the coffee is good, if strong.
Oui Oui is cute, quaint and cheery inside, with colorful wooden tables and bunches of dried flowers hanging on the walls. There are some tables outside as well, but not enough: on the weekends there’s often a short wait before you can get a table.

4. Pride Café
Balcarce 869
San Telmo

Brunch and perhaps a spot of daytime cruising are on the menu at the small but much-loved (gay) Pride Café in atmospheric San Telmo. All are welcome, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, and everyone gets to enjoy great salads, sandwiches and organic juices. The smoked salmon bruschetta is particularly good.
The décor inside Pride Café is minimalist-white but a little tatty. If it’s not to your liking, choose a table on the corner outside. Some pleasantly shady spots under a nearby tree make it a nice spot to linger over a jugo de naranja even in the heat of summer.

5. Mark’s Deli and Coffee House
El Salvador 4701
Palermo Soho

Whoever the eponymous Mark might be he obviously knows how to put together a great café, as this Palermo hotspot is one of the best in town. The corner location is bright and airy and filled with customers (local and expat) just about all the time.
The downsides to Mark’s are actually several: it gets a little noisy inside; the service can be slow, and for Buenos Aires it’s not cheap. So why is it so popular? Simply because the food is brilliant: great coffee; muffins; scones, and tons of healthy sandwich and salad options make it an ideal spot for a spot of brunch, whatever time of day you make it there.