Pepperoni Pizza In Buenos Aires

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For many expats living in Buenos Aires, the day comes when they realize something is missing. What could that thing be? Pepperoni Pizza of course. In a city that seems to have its fair selection of different Italian meats, Pepperoni seems nowhere to be found. There may be good reason for this, as Pepperoni is more of an Italian-American (North American) invention. But still, its Pepperoni!! It shouldn’t be THAT hard to find! Us expats from the states are so accustomed to Pepperoni on our pizza that it is crazy to imagine a pizzeria not offering it. Most first time expats will order a Calabresa pizza thinking it is Pepperoni, only to find the taste of Calabresa is not up to par.

After searching this city far and wide for a place that has Pepperoni Pizza, I have finally found one. A couple weeks ago an Argentine reader of this site sent me an emailing asking me if I knew where to find Pepperoni Pizza in Buenos Aires as he had eaten in on a recent trip in New York and loved it. I wrote him back saying I hadn’t and asked him if he had any recent luck finding it. He has found a place called Punto Pizza that said it had Pepperoni on its menu but he hadn’t tried it because it was out of his delivery zone.

Luckily for me, it was in my zone and i promptly ordered a Pepperoni Pizza the following weekend. Guess what? Real Pepperoni Pizza in Buenos Aires!! It was not the best Pepperoni in the world, but hey, it was Pepperoni!

So if anyone has been looking for a place that has Pepperoni, Punto Pizza has it. They have four locations in the city. One in Palermo, Recoleta, Villa Crespo and Belgrano. On top of having Pepperoni, I am thinking it is also my new favorite pizza place in general in Buenos Aires. It is the most American style (or rather United Statesian) pizza I have had here. The style is more of a Pan Style pizza with a very tasty crust.

Hopefully this helps out many of you who have been craving Pepperoni Pizza in Buenos Aires but haven’t been able to find it. Does anyone know of any other Pizzerias in Buenos Aires that have REAL Pepperoni Pizza? Let us know in the comments!!

Check out Punto Pizza at: