Empanadas for Delivery in Buenos Aires – Order Online!

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One thing that could be difficult when you are in Buenos Aires is trying to get some food delivered to your home when your Spanish isn’t quite up to par yet. Its one thing to try and communicate with your limited Spanish face to face; its a whole other animal trying to speak Spanish on the phone. All you want is a dozen Empanadas delivered to your door but you don’t understand anything the guy is saying on the other end of the phone!!

While the only way you are going to get better at your Spanish is to practice as much as you can and that includes speaking on the phone, some days it just isn’t in you. Thankfully, Empanadas companies like Gourmet have started to include online ordering on their websites.

While only available at a few select locations, online ordering is destined to be the norm at all of Gourmet’s locations. Give it a try!!

4 Comments on “Empanadas for Delivery in Buenos Aires – Order Online!”

  1. Jen

    Thanks – this is awesome! Very early on in our time here, I asked my Spanish teacher to go through in detail how to order empanadas by phone (we got tired of walking a block to our favorite place, then waiting half an hour for our order to be ready). I probably read my notes word by word for the first month until I was finally comfortable winging it (suffice to say we order regularly). Access to empanada delivery is essential for anybody living in BA, and online’s an easy way to get it!

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