Niceto Club, Buenos Aires: Club Spotlight

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Since it’s opening in July 1998, Niceto Club immediately became the musical referent in the area of Palermo. After many years, today is to be considered the only place in Buenos Aires where such a big diversity of styles, artists and audiences converge. Many local and international artists have performed in its stage and booth, whereas in the two dance floors it hosts many parties ranging from pop and rock to reggae, hip hop, electronica, tango, soul, funk and more…

Thursday nights there’s one main option to go in Buenos Aires: Club 69. Hedonism and sense of humour converge with Argentina’s top techno and house spinners, b-boys and a series of performances all night long by “La Compañía Inestable del 69”. The B-side features alternative sounds to the main dancefloor. A must-see-live-experience.

Friday night features the wide-genre party Invasion, where guest djs and bands switch from the B-side to the front room. Rock, pop, funk, live shows, acting performances, urban art… anything can happen among the multi-style crowd searching for good times around Palermo.

Saturdays choose between monthly and bi-monthly events such as Magic (BA’s trance night), Brandon Gay Day, Piso Compartido, Vh1 parties, Canada’s own Mutek festival local events or Dynamic Reggae Soundclash for instance, each one a whole experience itself. On top of that, Niceto Club as a live music venue is as strong as any. Just about anybody on the up and up or already there, plays Niceto. Whether it be reggae, rock, pop, jazz, electronic tango, check out their monthly agenda and go go go.

International acts swing through town and rock the place too. Niceto has always given space to avant-garde new acts and classic bands to perform in BA. Among them in the last years: Kid Loco, Erlend Oye, The Evens, Melvins, Battles, Benjamin Biolay, The Buzzcocks, Joanna Newsom, Elefant, Goldie, Akufen, Mad Professor, Bad Brains, Jahcoozi, Mouse on Mars, Yelle, Camouflage, Zombie Nation, Stereo Total, The Wailers and Brazilian Girls.

5 Comments on “Niceto Club, Buenos Aires: Club Spotlight”

  1. In Spirits

    Actually, Niceto is one of the few places that knows how to work with diversity without loosing its own identity. In times like there when people build their business with no sense of personality, it still amazes me that Niceto can work it.

    Btw, excellent site. Congrats!
    All the best,
    Geraldo Figueras

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  3. Allison

    Niceto is a unwavering favorite of mine since I moved here over three years ago. It is the perfect size, not too big, not too small, but just right like the three bears. I have gone to DJ parties there, seen bands and of course hit up the infamous Club 69. My favorite night at Niceto is Fiesta Invasion. It’s basically a night of pure 80s and 90s fabulousness, thrown by VH1, I have never danced harder. Basically, big big fan of Niceto.

  4. Juan Vethencourt

    My first Time in Niceto it was @ club 69, and its was Awsome!! 5 years later, (ironicamente) i was a Promoter for the party!! so, i would say niceto is one of the best places on earth. 🙂 Mercy.

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