New Kindle Book: The TRUE Insider’s Guide To Buenos Aires 2012

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The True Insider's Guide Buenos Aires 2012

We have recently finished a Kindle book entitled The TRUE Insider’s Guide To Buenos Aires 2012 and are excited to share it with you all! If you have a kindle, the book is a great way to learn more about Buenos Aires. Don’t have a kindle? You can still view it on your computer, iPhone, Android Device, etc using Amazon Reading apps. Pick it up for only $6.47!

What’s included in The TRUE Insider’s Guide To Buenos Aires 2012

The TRUE Insider’s Guide to Buenos Aires 2012 is Jam packed with over 100 pages of insider’s information related to every aspect of living in and visiting Buenos Aires including:

– An in depth and insider’s look at 9 of Buenos Aires’s Neighborhoods complete with shopping, dining and nightlife recommendations for each one. Want to drink cafe in Almagro (an off the beaten path neighborhood) in one of Buenos Aires oldest and most beautiful cafes? We will show you where.

– A list 25 of the best Parillas (steakhouses) in Buenos Aires providing you with a range of options. Whether you want to eat a steak sandwich on the side of the road or eat at an exclusive 5 star steakhouse, this list provides options across all price levels.

– An insider’s look into the secret bars/nightclubs of Buenos Aires. Have you heard of a Speakeasy? Well, Buenos Aires is full of secret bars and nightclubs with no formal address; we show you where they are.

– A huge guide into the nightlife of Buenos Aires, providing you with 15 of the best nightclub options in Buenos Aires as well as nightlife recommendations for each night of the week so no matter what day it is, you know the best place to party.

– An extensive guide to Tango that features the best places to see a Tango show, the best Milongas (a Milongas is a Tango party or a bar/club devoted to dancing tango) in town and the best places to take Tango Lesson’s. We also provide Milonga recommendations for each night of the week, so no matter what day it is, you can go out and dance the Tango!

– We review over 25 different of the best hotels and hostels in Buenos Aires covering all price ranges. Whether you are looking for a cheap and clean hostel or want 5 star luxury, our list will provide you with all the details you need.

– Learn about Telos, the Buenos Aires Sex Hotels where locals go and pay by the hour for a room. We provide recommendations for the best ones. Hint: One of them as a spaceship themed room, a Greek themed room and a Jungle themed room!

– We dig in deep into what tourist attractions are normally recommended in other guide books and let you know if they are worth visiting or not

– An insider’s guide to shopping in Buenos Aires. We provide you with many different shopping recommendations. Whether you are a fashionable gal looking for the best boutique clothing stores or just a dude who wants to buy some jeans, we recommend the best places to go.

– and much much more!!

We guarantee you will find the book valuable, but if not, don’t worry, any kindle book bought on Amazon can be returned for a full refund! So give it a try!

Buy it on Amazon for just $6.47!

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  1. Jose!

    Hi i go to white in english but im argentine, i have a parrilla, how much cost publish in your web and book?

    I whait for your answer!

    that was hard but fun too!!

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