Mexican Food in Buenos Aires: Where to Eat

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Every Gringo, especially from the US, is going to get a craving for some good Mexican food down here in Buenos Aires. There is actually a pretty decent selection of Mexican food in Buenos Aires if you know where to look and its getting more popular every year, resulting in new restaurant openings.

Mexican restaurants will also satisfy a Gringo’s craving for spicy food, as many of the restaurants have a solid selection of hot sauces and salsas.

The following Mexicans restaurants are places I have personally eaten at and can give an honest opinion about. I hope to explore more Mexican restaurants in Buenos Aires, but this should give everyone a good list of places to check out. Enjoy!!

La Fabrica Del Taco
Gorriti 5062
Palermo Soho

By far my favorite Mexican Restaurant in Buenos Aires and possibly my favorite restaurant in general, La Fabrica del Taco serves up super tasty tacos reminding me of the best taco stands from my hometown of Chicago. But the catch is, it isn’t just a hole in the wall taco stand, it is a highly decorated and well designed restaurant complete with Mexican wrestler memorabilia and neon lights. Its the best of both worlds as you can choose to sit inside for a normal restaurant dining experience or sit outside along the sidewalk on their “Taco Bar” for more of a fast food vibe. On top of that, it offers a great selections of salsas to satisfy your spicy craving.

El Salta De Las Ranas
Rodriguez Peña 1164

El Salta De Las Ranas is located in Recoleta on Rodriguez Peña right next to other great restaurants like Cumaná and Las Cholas. Its a restaurant with 2 floors so it usually isn’t hard showing up and getting a seat right away on weekends. While in general the food at El Salta De Las Ranas is pretty average, what really stands out is their Fajitas. A lot of Mexican restaurants in Buenos Aires don’t offer Fajitas while El Salta De Las Ranas does and they are fantastic. It worth going to for the Fajitas alone. Their homemade tortilla chips, which are free, are also very tasty.

California Burrito Company
Multiple Locations

Well known among the expat crowd is California Burrito Company. Started by Gringos from the United States a few years back, CBC has done quite well in the Argentine Market. The easiest way to describe California Burrito Company is to think of Chipotle in the US. It is basically the exact same concept. Fast food Mexican where you have a choice of what meat and toppings you want to put in your burrito or tacos. A great place if you are craving fast and tasty Mexican food.

Tres Tiros Burritos
Segui 3545

I recently ordered a Burrito from Tres Tiros Burritos using Buenos Aires Delivery and I was quite satisfied with it. The meat had a great flavor while the melted cheddar cheese was just as tasty. This is a great place if you are looking for a quick burrito to fill you up and its easy to do using Buenos Aires Delivery. I will be ordering burritos from this place quite frequently in the future I imagine.

El Gato Viudo Burritos
Viomonte 985

Opening up just around a year ago, El Gato Viudo Burritos has made a place for itself in the Centro as a great lunch stop for office workers. Cheap for what you get and quite tasty, it is definitely worth a visit if you are in the Centro around lunchtime. Be aware that El Gato Viudo is only open until till around 6pm as its main customer base are office workers on lunch.

El Salvador 4800
Palermo Soho

Xalapa is one of the more well known Mexican Restaurants in Palermo Soho. A restaurant and not a place to get something quick, Xalapa is also expensive compared to other Mexican Restaurants. Its not my favorite, but the food is decent and it is worth a visit to try out and see if it is your style. Nothing really stands out in my memory from eating here around 3 or 4 times.

Cielito Lindo
El Salvador 4999
Palermo Soho

A Restaurant like Xalapa and Vera Cruz (see below), I have eaten here a couple times and nothing really stands out in my memory taste wise. I would suggest giving it a try for yourself and see if you like it.

Vera Cruz
Godoy Cruz 1819
Palermo Soho

See above comments about Cielito Lindo and Xalpa. I have eaten here a couple times but nothing really stood out for me. Check it out and see if you like it!!

Lo De Pancho (No Website)
Sanchez de Bustamante 1472
Delivery: 4966-2867

You might have noticed a trend here that I much prefer Mexican places in Buenos Aires that are more “fast food” that serve Burritos, Tacos, etc, as opposed to actual sit down restaurants. Lo De Pancho is another one of these Fast Food/Delivery Mexican places to add to the list. The tacos are really tasty but be careful; they are filled so high with ingredients the taco falls apart and you have to eat them with a knife and fork. The burritos are also really good as well as the quesadillas. Lo De Pancho does delivery until 12 every night and the restaurant is open 24 hours.

Hopefully this small list is a good place for you to get started. Currently Guía Oleo, the most popular food guide for Buenos Aires, lists 53 different Mexican restaurants in the city, so this list is just the start. Get out and explore some of the other Mexican restaurants in Buenos Aires!

Also, if anyone has any other suggestions for great Mexican food in Buenos Aires, please let us know below in the comments!!

26 Comments on “Mexican Food in Buenos Aires: Where to Eat”

  1. Bettina

    Ahhhhh! I am so happy I came across this blog! Im from California and have been craving mexican food since I arrived two weeks ago. Ill be here till June and I needed to find a place that will satisfied my mexican tooth. Just seeing the picture of those pinto beans made my mouth water. So thanks!

  2. Jonny

    El Salta De Las Ranas is terrible! I wouldn’t recommend it. I’ve eaten there two or three times and didn’t enjoyed the food at all. I think those three restaurants near cnr Rodriguez Peña y Santa Fe are really over rated. Not good.

  3. Tim Gringo in BA

    I would say it is pretty average Mexican food, but I thought the Fajitas were great. It is also one of the few Mexican restaurants here that makes Fajitas. So if you are a Fajita fan, it is worth checking out!

  4. Allie

    I had an unedible experience at El Salta but I’m a huuuuuge fajitas fan, so I’ll have to give it another shot.

  5. Tim Gringo in BA

    I thought they were pretty tasty, but my eating fajitas for the first time in a long time could of contributed to my enthusiasm as well though.

  6. Allison

    Great list Tim! One more addition: La Flor Azteca in Palermo Soho (Thames 1472). As a former Texan I can vouch for the food, and the spice indicators are actually real! Stay away from the flavored margaritas though, they’re vomitous.

  7. Miranda

    Have been to El Cielito Lindo-while the atmosphere was nice, the food wasn’t anything spectacular. My friend and I went there specifically to eat spicy food (slightly difficult to find in BsAs), but my enchilada barely had any kick! The margaritas were good, though.

  8. Sean

    California Burrito is awesome and is for sure more Tex-Mex than pure Mex – an important distinction as some of the places listed here are pointing pure Mexican..great article thanks!

  9. MizzMarr

    Maria Felix in Palermo is one of the better Mexican restaurants for both food and ambiance. Also, DF in Puerto Madero is rumored to be very good, but I’ve never been down there.

  10. Maria Carra

    Great post!
    Have not so great experiences in Xalapa twice in a row. Its used to be the best place for Cochinillo Pibil. Also had great cafe con canela.

    Been meaning to go to La Fabrica del Taco for ever! Will definitely pay them a visit now!

  11. Lisa Goldapple

    Excerpt from my article about spicy food (or lack of) in Buenos Aires…

    What do I look like, a MEXICAN?

    LUPITA, Las Cañitas (Báez 227) – The only place I can stand in the polo player and American expat mecca that is Las Cañitas. Great salty Margaritas, spicy burritos and enchilladas. Go for the pork or lamb for something a bit different. Beware, it’s not cheap, but it’s all about the hot sauces.

    FRIDA KHALO, Núñez (Ciudad de la Paz 3093). Known for their spicy mole, mole, moles. The enchiladas can be too spicy for some. Yes you heard me right, too spicy here in Buenos Aires. Rumour has it, the food will put hairs on your mono-brow (bad gag, apologies).

    FABRICA DEL TACO, Palermo (Gorriti 5062) – Mmmargaritas and three hot sauces labelled “for porteños only”, “spicy” and “for those who dare”. However, I’ll let you in on a secret… Actually, it has 4 or 5. The secret 2 you get if you mention you’re Mexican or Pakistani or say something in Spanish like “I’m not from here, I know spice, give me something fucking spicy, por favor”.

  12. Tim Gringo in BA

    Thank you Goldapple for the other suggestions!!! Looking forward to trying them out!

  13. Ivana

    Yeah! Frida Kahlo in Belgrano is the best sit down restaurant I’ve tried so far. And my Mexican boyfriend can’t agree more! 🙂 For fast food, I also love La fábrica del taco!

  14. Jake

    Taco Box is great. More tex-mex style, but cheaper than Fabrica which is a bit overpriced for an authentic Mexican taco stand

  15. Poli

    Estoy enamorada de la margarita de la fabrica de tacos.
    Es la mejor! Y los tacos tambien!

  16. Charlotte

    Taco Box in Palermo is by far the best….amazing mixed fajitas and the best cocktails in town

  17. yobis

    Soy mexicana y me encanta nuestra comida.La fabrica del taco se me hace buena,pero los precios son muy altos a los de una verdadera taqueria.Xalapa es bueno,solo le falta mas variedad en tacos. Tendre que conocer un poco mas,pues estare por aca 2 años saludos.

  18. Doug

    Ok, Ate at La Fabrica Del Taco tonight and at least for Americans, its way, way over priced. First though, when we waited outside they gave us a menu with lower prices (by about 8-10 pesos). When we got seated, they gave us two menus (we had two in our party) with different two prices. We had a quesadilla, three small soft shell tacos with cheese, for 26 Pesos ($6 USD) and Guacamole with chips for 39 Pesos ($9.15). We had to order extra chips (that they give you free in the US) for 7 Pesos ($1.65 USD). We had three Margaritas. The menu outside said they were 25 pesos, the menus inside said they were 30 and 33 pesos. Our total bill? 171 Pesos or roughly $42.75 USD. In Mexico, for the same food and drink it would have been $10 USD (I know, I have spent about a year there) and in the US it would have been $20-25. Skip this place. The atmosphere is nice, but the prices are CRAZY!

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  21. Tamara

    You are so right about the gringo craving for spicy Mexican food! THANK YOU for posting this. We are going to try La Fabrica del Taco later tonight. If we have to eat one more thing that doesn’t make us sweat from the spiciness, we are going to flip a table over. 🙂

  22. Holly

    I agree wholeheartedly with the Che Taco rec above. I adore Che Taco and find it’s the closest to authentic I’ve been able to get my hands on here. Fabrica was just OK for me but that’s because I went there after experiencing Che Taco. Hours can be a bit odd at times but the food and drink were well worth a few trips in vain. Hot salsas also, hot hot salsa! Viva la Che!

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