Where to Find Semi Healthy Fast Food in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires has a lot to offer, but something that it has always lacked are fast, convenient places to eat something healthy-ish on the go. For example, a deli that makes a sandwich with fresh ingredients, healthy wraps, salads, etc. For a lot of us, we don’t want to spend a lot of time on eating lunch, we just want to be able to get some fuel in us and not have to worry about sitting in a restaurant and waiting a half an hour for a dish. For a long time in Buenos Aires, the only fast food options (besides mcdonalds, burger king, etc) were to grab a pancho or hamberguesa or a gross ham and cheese or milenesa sandwich from a kiosko. Obviously not things we want to be stuffing our faces with everyday.

Luckily the times have changed. Springing up all over the city are places offering affordable, quick, semi-healthy meals for people on the go. While you won’t find one on every street corner and depending on where you are they might not be close to you, but for those around them, these are great options. Lets take a look.

La Cresta
Bulnes 829

Featuring an amazing salad bar and rotisserie style chicken, the ingredients can be loaded up into a tasty sandwich wrap or combined to create a healthy, mouth watering salad. The Salad bar options include hummus, babaganoush, quinoa tabbouleh, coleslaw, potato salad, etc. The wrap offerings include suggested flavor combinations and the ability to make your own using any ingredients. Living in Alamgro, this place is a life saver as it offers a great place to pick up a quick lunch. The prices are decent as well, with the salads and wraps ranging from 35 to 45 pesos.

Fitz Roll
Fitz Roy 1841
Palermo Hollywood

Fitz Roll located in Palermo Hollywood, is only open during lunch hours, but what a tasty lunch it is. A small place with no seating area, Fitz Roll serves you guessed it, Rolls/wraps. With your chose of chicken, steak or veggie, the rolls can then be loaded up with items from their ingredient bar. At around 25-30 pesos for a roll, the prices are great as well.

California Burrito Company
Multiple Locations, See Website

While California Burrito Company has been around for a while, it still serves as a great place for a quick, semi-healthy meal. While some might argue a fully loaded burrito isn’t their idea of healthy, the idea is the ingredients are fresh and can potentially be customized to healthier tastes. 3 tacos with grilled chicken, fresh veggies and guacamole is certainly a better option that a combo meal from McDonalds.

Multiple Locations, check website

While I can already feel the wrath in the comment section, Subway does exist in Buenos Aires and it does provide a great option if you are looking for quick, semi-healthy meal. Yes, their processed meats are nothing to admire, but you are still better off here than eating a big mac and fries. You can also custom tailor your sandwich to make it healthier.

La Crespo
Thames 612
Villa Crespo

I think La Crespo wins the award for the best sandwich in town. It might not exactly be “semi-healthy”, I guess it depends by your definition of that, but the Hot Pastrami sandwich at La Crespo is amazing. Load it with pickles, Dijon mustard and caramelized onions for a heavenly experience.

Sinor Shawarma
Honduras 5328
Palermo Soho

While a little more on the “late night after boliche greasy snack” side of things, Siniór Shawarma still offers quick semi healthy middle eastern wrap options like Pollo, Lomo, or Cerdo Shawarma and Falafel sandwiches. They can all be loaded up with options from their ingredient bar.

The following 3 places were introduced to me by the incredible Buenos Aires food blog, Pick Up The Fork. All are located in the Microcentro

Baking BA
Suipacha 747

Baking BA provides a huge selection of quick options to go including freshly made salads, tasty sandwiches, ceasar wraps and chicken quesadillas. This is a perfect spot if you find yourself down in the microcentro for lunch time and need a quick bite to eat.

Latino Sandwich
Tachuari 185

I am always on the lookout for a place to get a tasty sandwich that isn’t Subway. Something that has always been lacking in Buenos Aires is sandwich options. For anyone who loves a good sub or sandwich, living in Buenos Aires with the only options being ham and cheese sandwiches from kiosks can get pretty draining. Latino Sandwich is another great quick lunch option in the microcentro. Featuring inventive Sandwiches (inventive as in not only ham and cheese) and fresh salads, Latino Sandwich is the place to go if you have a sandwich craving.

Green Curry
Tucamán 271

Located in the microcentro, Green Curry specializes in you guessed it, Curry. Protein packed chicken and meats can be loaded with a varieties of curries, resulting in a great healthy, quick lunch option. Also available are salads, wraps and dishes “al wok” like Pad thai. The best part is it is cheap and fast. You order at the counter and then the dishes are delivered to your seat at the table. (Think Noodles & Company in the States). An added bonus: If you are looking for some spicy food, Green Curry will certainly satisfy your craving.


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8 Comments on “Where to Find Semi Healthy Fast Food in Buenos Aires”

  1. Luigi

    Also worth trying, Tea Connection, with several locations around town. Misleading as the name can be, besides its massive tea menu it offers great salads and healthy sandwiches, with natural fruit juices. Worth checking out.

  2. Emily

    There is a new cafe called Muchacho in Palermo Soho that has great healthy salad and sandwich options – it’s not takeout but the service is quick so it’s a graet place for a quick lunch that won’t weigh you down while shopping or whatever else. They also have a dinner menu thurs-sat that has some healthy options like grilled salmon. Worth a visit!
    5100 El Salvador (corner of Uriarte)

  3. Marcos

    A good pick! I think I’m going to try at least some of those. I’ve got pretty good (although fussy and unclear) memories at Sinor Shawarma on late Saturday nights (Sunday mornings!)

  4. Oscar

    There is woki sushi in microcenter, the salmon is super fresh and they prepare your sushi feast just inches from you face so you can scream ‘no crem queso’ if it means that much to you.

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