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Many folks may have noticed the lack of new posts around these parts the last couple months. We have been hard at work on creating some new Kindle books that we are very excited to share with you all. We have finally finished a series of books called “The Gringo Guide to Spanish” for the kindle! If you have a kindle, the books are a great way learn Spanish and especially Argentine Spanish. Don’t have a kindle? You can still view it on your computer, iPhone, Android Device, etc using Amazon Reading apps!

The Gringo Guide To Spanish was written by my girlfriend Cynthia from Speak Spanish BA and later edited and revised by me to present the material to English speakers. Cynthia is a Native of Buenos Aires and has over 5 years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners in one of the top Spanish schools in Buenos Aires as well as giving private lessons from her company Speak Spanish BA. Using her expertise and experience from teaching classes over the last 5 years, Cynthia created a series of lessons that build on top of each other for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students.

Put together, the result is 4 different books. One for Beginner Spanish, one for Intermediate Spanish, one for Advanced Spanish and the Complete Lessons which is all of the lesson put together in one book. Each book has 20 lessons (the complete lessons has 60). The individual books are just $2.99 while the complete lessons book is just $6.47. The lessons are designed to be quick and to the point. Another great aspect is that there are explanations in English of concepts in English. A lot of Spanish learning resources describe everything in Spanish. But sometimes students just want to understand a concept and it makes much more sense to present the ideas in their native tongue.

For visitors to Buenos Aires, you will find Spanish concepts related to Argentine Spanish like “Vos” are covered.

Many Spanish students, or any learners of a new language are often intimidated and frustrated by certain textbooks, guidebooks and other learning materials that present information in a complicated way. Many times these learning materials are completely in the foreign language, even when explaining tricky concepts. For a lot of learners this is very frustrating, as they just want to understand the concept! Yes it is important to be constantly reading materials in the language one is learning, but a lot of times it just is more effective to be explained a certain concept in your native language.

The aim of The Gringo Guide To Spanish is to keep everything as simple as possible. Concepts are presented as straightforward as they can be. It is designed for you to have an easy reference to any concept you are stuck on or in need of review. There are no worksheets or assignments to do, just a presentation of all the important concepts you need explained in simple English. Everything written in Spanish is provided as well in English, so you understand why or how certain words are used.

The Following is an outline of the lessons in each book. For each book we have a provided a sample lesson for free so you can get a feel for the lessons. The sample lessons are highlighted in red and are in pdf form. Enjoy!

The Gringo Guide To Spanish: Beginner Spanish

Lesson 1: Greetings & Introductions
Lesson 2: The Verb “Ser”
Lesson 3: Artículos
Lesson 4: The Verb “Estar”
Lesson 5: The Present Tense
Lesson 6: The Verb “Haber” There Is/Are
Lesson 7: The Verb “Tener” To Have
Lesson 8: The Future Tense
Lesson 9: Demostrative Adjectives
Lesson 10: How to Define Possession
Lesson 11: The Verb “Gustar” Do You Like?
Lesson 12: Irregular Verbs in The Present Tense
Lesson 13: Reflexive Verbs
Lesson 14: The Past Tense “Pretérito Indefinido”
Lesson 15: The Past Tense: Pretérito Perfecto Compuesto
Lesson 16: Irregulars in the “Pretérito Indefinido” Past Tense
Lesson 17: Very Irregulars In the “Pretérito Indefinido” Past Tense
Lesson 18: Ya vs Todavia
Lesson 19: Time Expressions
Lesson 20: Basic Prepositions in Spanish
Bonus Chapter: What Is Vos?

The Gringo Guide To Spanish: Intermediate Spanish

Lesson 1: The Present Progressive
Lesson 2: Gustar, Caer Bien, Parecer
Lesson 3: Symptoms And Illness
Lesson 4: The Direct & Indirect Object
Lesson 5: How To Replace The Indirect And Direct Object In The Same Phrase
Lesson 6: The Imperfect Tense
Lesson 7: Using The Imperfect And Indefinite Past Tenses Together
Lesson 8: Connectors
Lesson 9: The Impersonal “se”
Lesson 10: How To Indentify
Lesson 11: Vocabulary Related To Home/apartments
Lesson 12: Comparisons
Lesson 13: Por Vs. Para
Lesson 14: The Simple Future Tense
Lesson 15: The Simple Conditional Tense
Lesson 16: Giving Orders – The Imperative Tense
Lesson 17: The Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto – The Past Before The Past
Lesson 18: Reading Song Lyrics In Spanish
Lesson 19: What Is Vos?
Lesson 20: Shopping In A Clothes Store – Vocabulary

The Gringo Guide To Spanish: Advanced Spanish

Lesson 1: Verbs Of Change
Lesson 2: Ser And Estar In The Past
Lesson 3: The Subjunctive Mood In The Present
Lesson 4: Subjunctive Mood – Opinions & Doubts
Lesson 5: Subjunctive With Emotions
Lesson 6: Subjunctive + Time Expressions
Lesson 7: Subjunctive + Para Que
Lesson 8: Subjunctive + Recommendations
Lesson 9: Songs To Learn The Subjunctive
Lesson 10: Perfect Subjunctive
Lesson 11: Imperfect Subjunctive
Lesson 12: Pluperfect Subjunctive
Lesson 13: “should Have/could Have Done…”
Lesson 14: Ojalá
Lesson 15: The Futuro Compuesto
Lesson 16: Futuro Con Valor Probalilistco
Lesson 17: Relative Pronouns
Lesson 18: Aunque
Lesson 19: Condicional Perifrástico
Lesson 20: Advanced Song Lyrics
Bonus Lesson: A Reading Lesson

Pick them up on Amazon today!!:

The Gringo Guide To Spanish: Beginner Spanish

The Gringo Guide To Spanish: Intermediate Spanish

The Gringo Guide To Spanish: Advanced Spanish

The Gringo Guide To Spanish: The Complete Lessons

[box type=”info”]P.S: You have nothing to lose, if you don’t like the books, Amazon allows full refunds for kindle books. Easy as that![/box]

4 Comments on “New Kindle Books: The Gringo Guide To Spanish”

  1. Klara

    Hi guys! I’ve been a gringo in Buenos Aires for 8 months now. I think reading is a great way of practcing but I would seriously recommend taking some Spanish lessons before. It’s talking the language where you learn the most.
    I went to El Pasaje Spanish School for 3 months and it really helped me understand all the slangs and idioms; it’s a small school, with really cool teachers and tailor made classes.
    Hasta luego!

  2. Andres

    Great site! I’ve been a gringo but in Cordoba for 10 years!

    I didn’t know about your kindle books!

    If you allow me I’d like to share a site I found to be really useful, it notifies you everytime there’s a free spanish kindle book available:

    Hope it helps!

  3. jeff stinson

    I have been living in buenos Aires for quite a while. Finally starting to get serious about learning spanish. It is a nice post, really informative. Thanx

  4. john

    Hi, This is a nice post. I have decided to learn spanish finally. I hope this will come up handy. thaks

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