5 Great Bars to Mingle with Locals in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is a popular city for expats for good reason. It has a good climate, it’s cheap for what you get, it’s interesting, and it’s in a time zone only a couple of hours different from the eastern states of the USA. The only problem is that about a billion people realized all of that long before you did, and means the entire city is crawling, crawling, with expats.

That’s not always a bad thing. But sometimes you feel like you want a night out where you don’t spend all night talking to people you could just as easily have met back home. Here then, are five great Bar options for the nights when you’re in the mood to meet and drink with some locals.

La Puerta Roja
Chacabuco 733

La Puerta Roja in San Telmo is an utterly no-nonsense drinking establishment. This bar has very reasonable prices (aided and abetted by a four-hour happy ‘hour’ from 6-10pm), a pool table, an interesting selection of drinks (try the Chili Bomb), and simple and filling food. The crowd is a nice mix of locals and expats living in the area.

A word of warning: it’s best to stay away from La Puerta Roja on a Saturday night if you are looking for more of a local scene, as this is when the Buenos Aires Pub Crawl crowd comes through, which tends to have a lot of foreigners.

Bar Guebara
Humberto 1° 463

Various described by the blogosphere as ‘a dive bar’ or ‘a-hole-in-the-wall,’ Bar Guebara has a pleasantly bohemian vibe that draws the indie, Converse-wearing Argentinean set (seriously, is every Porteño issued with a pair of Cons for their quince dulce?) like bears to honey. Beer is sold in pitchers and good old rock ‘n’ roll dominates the tune selection. It fancies itself as a bit of a cultural center as well as a bar/pub – paintings and photography from local artists decorate the walls.

Niceto Vega 5511

The key feature of this Palermo bar is its rooftop terrace, which sizzles in summer both with the heat and with large crowds of frisky, style-conscious locals. In nice weather it’s maybe the best place to drink outdoors in the entire city. If you’re new to the city, you’ll be surprised at how friendly and unpretentious even a trendy crowd of Argentinians at a trendy place like this are.

El Living
Marcelo T. De Alvear 1540

We did a most detailed write up about El Living here. El Living is the place to go to hang out with locals who just want to listen to music, watch music videos on a big screen and have a good time. The crowds here tends to be slightly older, more of a late 20’s/early 30’s crowd, but all are welcome.

Salon Pueyrredón
Avenida Sante Fe 4560

Although it could be considered a punk bar, Salon Pueyrredón attracts an eclectic crowd of Porteños who all share a love for live music. Although you are bound to see the occasional dog collar, multiple tattoos, Mohawks and some black leather, Salon Pueyrredón is a major testing ground for local rock bands which makes it a popular bar for all kinds of locals. This doesn´t discredit its notoriety as a punk bar entirely, as drinks are served strong and cheap.

After the live music is done DJ´s spin a great collection of mod, brit pop, new wave and punk tunes.

Do you know of any other great bars/clubs it mingle with locals in Buenos Aires? Leave a comment below and let us know!

11 Comments on “5 Great Bars to Mingle with Locals in Buenos Aires”

  1. rick powell

    The first two (I’m partial to San Telmo anyway) and the last are my fav bars in BA.

    I would have to be paid to go to Museum again.

    Why not add Kim y Novak? That’ll be a special trip for anyone.


  2. olbert

    My first choice – Buenos Aires Bar Krakow on Venezuela 474 in San Telmo – totally integrated pub/porteno bar with throngs of the locals in attendance, Argentine/Euro/Polish menu and bi-lingual staff. Locals of all ages and professions totally rule this modern spirited place in an antique location. BTW – Museum is closed for a few months already.

  3. Tim Gringo in BA

    Thanks Olbert for the heads up about Museum. I added El Living in its place.

    Also, I look forward to checking out Bar Krakow.

  4. Nadina

    I recommend this bar, It’s highly recommendable, great variety, locals and good atmosphere. Prices are ok too.It was rated as one of the best bars in Buenos Aires by different local lifestyle magazines and they were right!

  5. Colin

    I think El Living is a great bar but I’m not so sure its a ‘mingling’ bar. The layout is cramped, dark, and loud in both of the rooms. The seating situation isolates people, and mostly groups like it. Most people there seem fairly comfortable with their own crowd – every time I’ve gone there the locals aren’t too receptive to me.

  6. Yara Bricio

    Hello everyone! thanks for the tips, always go to buenos aires and end up going to bars full of tourists (like me) heheh

    I wonder what the best bar to go on Wednesdays, beautiful people, good music, preferably older people over 25 years! someone suggests some cool,trend bar?

  7. Yara Bricio

    Hello guys, thanks for the tips, I always go to Buenos Aires and unintentionally end up going to bars full of tourists (like me) hehe

    I wonder what the best bar to go on Wednesdays, beautiful people, good music, preferably older people over 25 years! a bar indicates someone cool and trend?

  8. Martin

    I liked Sheldon a lot, it’s located next to the Plaza Serrano and opened a few weeks ago.. It was very good! great place to go with friends, it has an awesome terrace in front of the Plaza Serrano. It has a very good ambient and the music rocks!!

  9. Sandra

    Sheldon is awesome, there’s a Jazz festival going on now, this Friday there’s live music!

  10. Thomas

    Carnal Sucks!!!
    Full of pickpockers!! some shithead stole my iphone, and the owner give a fuc… , i tried to call the police and make them close the doors and nothing happened…

    Talking with some people, they told me that a girl got busted in the restroom 2hrs earlier.

    I repeat DO NOT GO TO CARNAL !!!! IT SUcks!!

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