Buenos Aires Shopping Guide: Shop Like A Porteño

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Buenos Aires has some of the best shopping in the world. Take a look at this Buenos Aires Shopping guide to get some great ideas!!

Palermo is is the most trendy part of Buenos Aires, so you can expect the shopping to be quite good. Full of boutiques shop and name brands catering to men and women alike, the streets of Palermo Soho are a shopping Paradise and you will find that most shopping can be done within a few blocks in Palermo Soho.

San Telmo is the place to go if you are looking for antiques. The streets of Defensa are filled with different kinds of antique shops where finding a hidden treasure is not that hard. San Telmo also has a good amount of boutique clothing stores that cater to the bohemian vibe of the neighborhood. Make sure to explore San Telmo on a Sunday, when the whole street of Defensa is closed off and becomes a large market where individual merchants selling all kinds of things flood the streets.

El Centro, the downtown of Buenos Aires is filled with all different kinds of stores, but nothing too specific. It is worth it to take a stroll down calle Florida, which is a walking street catering to shopping. You will be able to find all kinds of stores and they tend to be on the cheaper side.

Recoleta is the most upscale neighborhood of Buenos Aires, so you can expect the shopping to be pricey, especially the upscale and luxury shops that line Avenida Alvear near the Alvear Palace hotel.

Villa Crespo is the place to go if you are looking for Leather goods on the cheaper side. The street Murillo is filled with leather outlet stores where you will be sure to find what you are looking for. Outlets is what Villa Crespo is known for, as if you travel down Aguirre street, you will find all kinds of outlet stores from many different international brands like Lacoste and Penguin. Check out here if you want to save some money.

The following is a list of stores based on what category of shopping you want to do. This is just a starting point; we have picked the best of the best, so make sure you do some exploration on your own. Enjoy!

Fashion – Boutiques & Designers

Armenia 1646, Palermo

Fashionable rainwear is the specialty at Seco, but it also features items for when it is dry.

Bulnes 2677, Palermo

The collections at Kukia have a variety of products, ranging from jeans to dresses, focusing on jackets and items for everyday usage. Since 2008 the range has expanded to include a successful line of beachwear.

Armenia 1493, Palermo

Imagine if Amelie, the female character from the movie of the same name opened up her own Boutique clothing store. It would be similar to Pesqueira!

El Salvador 4657, Palermo

Very stylish and conservative at the same time, Lupe is very feminine with an edgy vibe.

Amores Trash Couture
Angel Carranza 1979, Palermo

Well, the name is pretty accurate in describing the style. Trashy are the clothes, but in a good way. Taking cues from the 80’s, Amores Trash Couture incorporates 80’s trashy style with a modern twist.

Honduras 4775, Palermo

DAM features all handmade clothes that bring out the quirky aspects of one’s personality. DAM’s focus on hand-made designs is one of its defining characteristics and sets it apart from the mass-produced.

Juana de Arco
El Salvador 4762, Palermo

Juna de Arco features a colorful and innovative line of clothing including underwear, urban womenswear, men and children clothing, accessories and art and household objects.

Nadine Zlotogora
El Salvador 4638, Palermo

Local designer Nadine Zlotogora is highly innovative and thus produces clothing that combine different fabrics with all kinds of patchwork, among others.

Mariana Dappiano
Gurruchaga 1755, Palermo

Mariana Dappiano’s search for sensuality and femininity fueled by morphological and textile resources, in addition to her work on color, produces a contemporary and sophisticated image with a very well defined style.

Agostina Bianchi
Thames 1733, Palermo

All of the items in Agostina Bianchi’s collection are hand made and in limited supply. Bianchi’s aim is to develop a differentiated product with its own quality and handcrafted style, without disregarding a garments design and functionality.

Cora Groppo
El Salvador 4696, Palermo

Cora Groppo’s design is inspired by the constant element in morphologic change, that has a mutable peel; the mixture of materials that creates one, transforms into layers and overlays with colors and textures. Sound experimental? Maybe, but that hasn’t stopped Cora Groppo from having her styles sold all around the world.

Niño Bien
Avenida Belgrano 302, San Telmo

Niño Bien features clothes from labels like Lacoste, La Martina, Polo Ralph Lauren, Echo and more at discounted prices.

Humberto 1 580, San Telmo

Diversa is diverse; it houses tons of different clothes from all different kinds of designers. Both guys and girls can find something here that will impress.

Puntos en el Espacio
Peru 979, San Telmo

Puntos en el Espacio has many things ranging from clothing for both girls and guys, jewelry, bags, shoes and household items. All is young and hip.

Santa Paula
Contact through the website or call for address & appointment, San Telmo

If you are looking to incorporate the indigenous styles of Northern Argentina and Bolivia, Santa Paula is just your thing. Santa Paula has transformed these designs into dresses into a style distinctively South American.

El Buen Orden
Defensa 894, San Telmo

Going along with the antique style of San Telmo, El Buen Orden features all kinds of used used clothes, jewelery, headwear, shoes, etc. Very Vintage, El Buen Orden is a place that if you dig deep enough, you might find that perfect vintage treasure.

Gil Antiguedades
Humberto 1 412, San Telmo

Gil Antiguedades is filled with Vintage clothing; perhaps so filled you might mistake it for a carnival or a circus. Featuring many eclectic items from all different decades, Gil Antiguedades is another place to find a hidden treasure.

Greens (No Website)
Unit 42, 1st floor, Galeria patio del Liceo, Santa Fe 2729, Recoleta

A hidden Gem, Greens is tucked away in the Galeria Patio del Liceo. But don’t let the strange location fool you as Greens features incredibly designed clothes at great prices.

Rodriguez Peña 1973, Recoleta

It there is one word to describe the Tramando line of clothing, it is ‘abstract’. Combining the old with the modern, Tramando is an eye-catchy clothing line.

Adolfo Dominguez
Arenales 1726, Recoleta

The Buenos Aires location of famous Adolfo Dominguez is the place to find all his different lines of clothes for Women, Men as well as clothes for younger folk.

Sofia Forbes Jeans
Libertad 986, Recoleta

For her Jeans, Sofia mainly uses Italian fabric, British buttons, a customized and handmade process from a boutique workshop in Buenos Aires, and all with a French touch and French design.

Portobello Vintage Boutique
Paraguay 1554, Recoleta

Portobello Vintage Boutique caters to the fashion conscious consumer with a wide selection of vintage clothing, from well-known labels to hidden gems. The shop is permanently stocked with a heady mix of local and international brands sourced by its team of experienced experts.

Las Pepas
Santa Fe 1631, Recoleta

Las Pepas features an eclectic assortment of different garments. It is also well known for its wide range of leather products. Be sure to also check out their bags.

Fashion – Menswear

Gurruchaga 1670, Palermo

Felix is definitely for those who consider themselves hip. If this line was in the United States most would automatically classify it as “what hipsters” wear, but Felix is much better than that.

Hermanos Estebecorena
El Salvador 5960, Palermo

Hermanos Estebecorena (HE) is modern and sophisticated with a focus on detail and function. HE’s philosophy is to be practical and multi-purpose.

TBO (The Beautiful Ones)
Costa Rica 4737, Palermo

The Beautiful Ones has a rock and roll vibe; think of rock and roll t-shirts of your favorite band. But that is not all it is. That styles have a coolness to them, something you wear in the city and feel like you are on the a-list.

Grupo 134
Palermo Honduras 4709

If you value simplicity over flamboyancy, Grupo 134 is your place. With an emphasis on subtle style over craziness, Grupo 134 is perfect for the type of guy who likes to ride in style and stand out in a good way.

Gurruchaga 1581 Palermo

Bolivia can best be described as a place where metrosexual hipsters shop. But don’t like that scare you; no matter what your sense of style is, you will most likely find one thing in Bolivia that you will declare amazing to add to your clothing collection.

Honduras 4876, Palermo

Bensimon is for the casual man who likes to look effortless. The clothes are well designed, fit well and don’t try to stand out.

Gurruchaga 1548

You might have noticed a trend with the men’s style in Argentina. A LOT of clothing brands cater to the rock and roll types. Bowen is no exception. Rock and roll style with a London vibe.

El Burgues
Gurruchaga 1743

El Burgues offers a nice contrast to the more rock and roll type styles of other men’s clothing stores, being a more sophisticated and classy clothing outfit.

Shoes – Women

Josefina Ferroni
Armenia 1687, Palermo

For ladies looking for shoes that are elegant but also comfortable, Josefina Ferroni, which is becoming well known world wide, is a good choice.

Chicco Ruiz
Thames 1780, Palermo

Boutique handmade shoes for every princess. And if you want, they will custom make a pair of shoes for you.

Lucila lotti
Malabia 2212, Palermo

With Lucila lotti shoes, the use of patent leather, suede, satin and vynil mixed with original accessories worth together in an elegant and bold way with eclectic combinations and colors. In her first year, Lucila lotti’s designs already caught international attention, with 12 models requested for the fitting of “Sex and the City” the movie.

El Salvador 4673, Palermo

Located in an old shoe shop, every pair of Mishka shoes is handmade, paying special attention to it’s quality and finishing, which reveals how the humane factor is behind her manufacturing.

Shoes – Men

28 Sport
Gurruchaga 1481, Palermo

All 28 Sport shoes are recreations of classic leather sports shoes of the 1940s and 1950s. They are incredibly faithful reproductions, down to the brass eyelets, and they make only one pair of each size in each style. They’re amazing shoes – colorful, very well made and a little different – and nice souvenirs as well.

Thames 1855, Palermo

Teran shoes are much more sophisticated and formal. Any sophisticated man who rolls in style will be able to appreciate the detail and passion put into making Teran shoes.

Leather Goods

Armenia 1532, Palermo

Milla is a urban brand of leather jackets, handbags and accessories. The combination of design, the quality and innovation of the raw materials make the collections unique.

Jackie Smith
Gurruchaga 1660, Palermo

Jackie Smith’s style can be defined as classical, feminine and romantic, luxurious but within an affordable price range, obsessively caring for details, timeless, with an international and cosmopolitan spirit and a strong concept of collection.

El Salvador 4692, Palermo

Humawaca designs and manufacturers leather accessories that combine the best argentine leather with the world international trends resulting in attractive and functional products.

Murillo 666
Murillo 66, Villa Crespo

If you are looking for leather products on the cheaper side but still of high quality, stores like Murillo 666 and the other outlet stores along Murillo street in Villa Crespo are a good choice.

Rossi & Caruso
Posadas 1387, Recoleta

Designs, textures, shades of colors and attention to details combine to highlight the quality of the best Argentine leather, handbags, suitcases, shoes, jackets and clothes.

Avenida Alvear 1883, Recoleta

For women looking for leather handbags and footwear, Santesteban is a great choice. Each item is delicately handmade with a keen eye for detail. You can be sure the price reflects that!

En la Escalera (No Website)
Defensa 892, San Telmo

For those looking for the perfect leather jacket, En La Escalera is a place hard to beat.


Castex 3225, Palermo

Adored by celebrities around the world and even having been featured on Sex in the City, the Jewelery creations found at Celedonio are world class.

Honduras 4808, Palermo

925 currently has on display over 4,000 rings of different styles, made of gold, silver, precious and semiprecious stones and other diverse and varied objects.

Manu Lizarralde
Gorriti 5078, Palermo

Natural gems like aquamarines, emeralds, amethysts or topaces are harmoniously combined with other exotic varieties like star reticulated quartz or Paraiba tourmalines at Manu Lizarralde.

Design & Home Accessories

Calma Chicha
Honduras 4909, Palermo

Calma Chicha has all different kinds of knic-knacks that would make a great addition to any home or apartment. It also features many products made from cowhide. Very original and very fun!

Papelera Palermo
Cabrera 5227, Palermo

For any handmade paper fans out there, Papelera Palermo is a must visit. Choose from many different kinds of custom handmade paper, books, journals origami, etc. This place makes for great gifts.

Sabater Hermanos
Honduras 4945, Palermo

Do you like soap? Well, most people do, at least to keep themselves clean, but Sabater Hermanos takes soap products to the next level. If you like soap stores that get creative, this is your place.

Thanks for checking out our Buenos Aires Shopping Guide!! If you want some more tips, by sure to check out the Buenos Aires Shopping Guide from Landing Pad BA. They have a lot of awesome tips as well!

21 Comments on “Buenos Aires Shopping Guide: Shop Like A Porteño”

  1. Janis

    I’ve been in BsAs for 13 years. I was happy to discover weekend house sales and consignment shops around the city. I don’t have a job that funds shopping at the places you listed. I find prices within my budget at ferias americanas. This week I found a pair of Bruno Magli (Italy) two-tone flats for 100 pesos that were worn once. A comparable pair of shoes from a local shop costs 500 to 600 pesos.

    There’s a great consignment shop in Recoleta with clothes and shoes by all the top designers of France and Italy at very reasonable prices. That’s why I have shoes by Dolce y Gabbana, Prada, Bruno Magli, Charles Jourdan, etc. for which I paid a fraction of the original prices.

  2. Rose Calamine

    Hello i live in france but i am born in Tucuman, in argentina, i hope a day to return in argentina to discover the country where i have live when i was young.
    I have not know a lot of this country, because my parents came back in france when i was 3 years old..


  3. Steve

    I lived in Buenos Aires for 2 years. The real secret to shopping in B.A. is that they have shopping districts like used to exist in, say, New York but have gone away for the most part. The article mentions the leather district. There is also a furniture district on Balcarce. A housewares district kind of between the furniture district and the autopista (I don’t recall the street name). There is a little district for Tango clothes and shoes near Confiteria Ideal. There was a district for electrical supplies a few blocks from Avenida 9 de Julio. My wife needed to give a plaque to someone at work and found out there is even a small district of trophy and plaque shops near the Microcentro. I am far from an expert on all of these districts but ask a trusted Porteno and they seem to know. This is a guide book waiting to be written.

  4. Alana

    Hi there
    I just wondered how difficult it was to get larger-sized clothing and shoes for women in Argentina? I am coming from New Zealand and I have heard that Argentine women, like women in Europe, are VEEEERY small so I am a little concerned I am going to find it difficult to get my shopping fix satisified when I visit BsAs in December. What kind of size range is there? I am mainly wanting to get a decent quality leather jacket (but can’t spend more than a couple of hundred on it) – am I going to be able to find anything to fit and am I going to be able to find anything in that price range? I’m a size 14-16 NZ.

  5. Patricia


    Unfortunely it is very very hard to find trendy and nice clothes if you are bigger than an S =( . I am argentian and lived in B.A. for 28 years, being 5.1′ (1.60 m) and 65 kilos I think is 130 pounds) I had most of the time finding clothes that fit. I.ve seen a place in Caballito , over Acoyte ave (between Rivadavia and Yerbal. But I am not sure if is there still.

  6. Simon

    Avoid this shop

    Toche Menswear Lavalle 1585
    Bought trousers that needed adjusting. 48 hours later the trousers disappeared. Shop said they would send me an email. Two days later still no email. Just went back to get money back and now they claim to have no cash to refund. If wasn’t dashing to airport I would go to police.

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  10. Martin

    really great post, been here many times but this one will be shopping feast 😉

  11. silvana

    Hey there! Celedonio has moved. Its new location is Uruguay 1223 Timbre 8. Telephone: 4803-7598.

  12. Patricio

    Tienda de curiosidades in suipacha 1093 y sta fe.
    best shop in town lejos!

  13. Jeff Davidson

    Hi there,

    Does anyone know where to buy vestments in BA? I need a costume for a short film project?


  14. Mike

    Hola! My favorite place in Buenos Aires is not listed though, is called Silvia y Mario, near Retiro train station.
    Great leather goods at good prices. Not cheap, but reasonable for the quality. Wonderful shop keepers that are very helpful plus they speak English 🙂

  15. Florencia Vanin

    Hi Gringo! We are Alliwen! We design lovely, custom-made leather jackets. We have our showroom in Puerto Madero, and we love to invite you to came and see all the excellent quality leather stuff we have. A lot of people from America loves our things because are really good price for the quality of leather we use. And they are custome-made! You can also find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alliwen/295246500668830?ref=hl

    Hope you accept our invitation!
    Kind regards!

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