Come To The Second Annual Buenos Aires Chili Cookoff Sunday, July 1st, 2012!

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The Second Annual BA Chili Cookoff is taking place this Fourth of July Weekend! Sunday, July 1st, 2012 at 2pm at Maxim Borges 1750 y Russel in Plaza Serrano, Palermo. The Event is 10 Pesos which goes to Charity and is from 2pm to 5pm!

The following is a description of the event from the BA Chili Cookoff Facebook Page:

The BA Chili Cookoff was founded by a few chili-lovin’ expats looking for something to celebrate. A celebration that gets people together for a good cause while enjoying some great food. The Chili Cookoff is by all means a contest. We rake the fields of expats and locals looking for cooks who would like to participate in a 4 hour event. Their chili will be judged by endless amounts of wanna-bies to professional judges. The chili pot and its cook will also be subject to a People´s Choice award.

General Information

Each event is comprised of an endless number of chili cooks whom are required to deliver a minimum of 5lts of chili on the day of the event. Each cook is allotted his or her own booth for serving their home-made creation. All chili must be prepared from scratch and served naked. There will be NO GARNISH allowed this year (e.g. Cheese, onions, salsas, guacamole). All ingredients must be placed in Chili prior to its arrival.

In addition to the Chili tastings we will have some venders selling their items to help promote the particular charity. Anyone can be a vender as long as your willing to give up the cash for a great cause…don’t worry we don´t take it all but we do ask that you assist us in spreading the wealth. We encourage you to contact us and become a part of this largely popular event. I must say that it´s great exposure for any up and coming underground product. Contact US at

All proceeds from from event are donated to a chosen charity; benefiting local people and interests!

So come on down this Sunday, July 1st to try some awesome chili and contribute to a good cause!!

BA Chili Facebook Page

Head to the event facebook page and say you are going!

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