Quiero Bagel: A Bagel Delivery Service in Buenos Aires

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Have you been craving some bagels while in Buenos Aires? Can’t seem to find any of high quality? Look no further to QuieroBagel.com, a Bagel Delivery service. Quiero Bagel delivers to the entire city with 24 hours notice.

Owner Diego traveled around the United States extensively searching out different bagel recipes, talking to bagel makers in NYC, learning the trade and perfecting the art of making bagels. The results are impressive. When you try a bagel from Quiero Bagel, you don’t think “oh this a good bagel since its the only bagel I can find in Buenos Aires”, they are actually amazing bagels, just as good as anything you would find in the US, if not better.

Some of the flavors include everything, poppy, sesame, cinnamon raisin, garlic, onion, strawberry, banana, coconut … and many more. You can also order Pizza bagels and Zen bagels. The Zen bagel flavors are carrot juice, green tea, linden tea, oat and whole wheat.

For most types of bagels a dozen costs AR$ 50 while some of the more specialty types of bagels cost AR$ 60.


Visit their website: www.quierobagel.com/

4 Comments on “Quiero Bagel: A Bagel Delivery Service in Buenos Aires”

  1. Fred

    I just placed an order. Wondering if they are kettle boiled ( the right and expensive w) or steamed, easier and cheaper to make, but less taste.


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