5 Hot New Restaurants in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is full of great restaurants and seems like almost everyday there is a new one that has opened up. Time will tell if all these restaurants can stay in business, but at the present moment the demand for culinary options in the city is at an all time high. It is amazing to see so many of them that seem to be always full. But there are also a fair share of new places that you pass by that are dead empty. One would assume that if the economy starts to slow down some of these new establishments will have a hard time staying afloat. But one thing is for sure; no matter what economic climate Porteños are faced with, they will always find a way to eat out with good friends and good company.

Currently restaurants in Buenos Aires are becoming more creative in their style of cuisine, presentation and interior design. Lets take a look at 5 new hot additions to the Buenos Aires restaurant scene.

ALDO’s Vinoteca Y Restorán
San Telmo
Moreno 376

ALDO’s is a dream for wine lovers and is a great place to check out on a night where your quench for thirst outweighs your hunger. With a wine list that contains more than 500 labels which was chosen based on blind tastings completed by a team of sommeliers, the choice of wine is guaranteed to be excellent. And the price is great too; the bottles are sold at retail prices.

ALDO’s is actually an eaterie within a wine store that is located in the Moereno Hotel. And it is pleasant on the eyes as well. It’s interior design was created by Juan Santa Cruz, the same designer who created the incredible worlds of Gran Bar Danzon and Isabel.

You can make reservations for ALDO’s by visiting their website or their facebook page.

La Pescadorita
Palermo Hollywood
Humboldt 1905

For seafood lovers La Pescadorita is a nice addition to the restaurant circuit in a city where good quality seafood is tough to find. Featuring fresh fish presented in a nice variety of ways on a short but sweet menu, Seafood lovers will enjoy their dishes while eating in a trippy, mosiac based interior design.

You can start with a good fried calamari (crisp and with zero oil) or a squid with onions, whose portions are enough to share. The ‘Fish of the Day’ depends what comes in fresh from Mar Del Plata everyday. There is also seafood rice, spaghetti with clams and cockles and some very tasty dessert options. Overall a welcome addition to the city’s limited Seafood options.

Lima Mia
Las Cañitas
Baez 221

Lima Mia is an awesome addition to the ever growing Las Cañitas restaurant scene. As you can maybe tell by the name “Lima Mia”(My Lima), Lima Mia serves up Peruvian food with a slight Japanese-Chinese influence. What makes the Lima Mia experience all the better is the funky and creative interior design. The table cloths have colorful floral prints with stripes and different colors, funky lamps populate the space, chairs are decorated with graffiti and a large aquarium filled with tropical African fish is built into the wall.

The presentation of food compliments the funky design, with tasty cerviches, sushi and woks dominating the menu. Make sure to order cocktail, as the folks behind the bar know how to make some amazing Pisco infusions.

Federico Lacroze 2136

Located in the traditional district of Belgrano and in a building with a unique architectural style, Sanbenito is a restaurant that offers a modern and elegant take on international cuisine with a refined classical touch.

The restaurant is spacious and well designed and is spread out over two floors with large windows and high ceilings and has a capacity for 150 diners. The outdoor patio has an incredible view and is and surrounded by plants, an ideal setting for lunch and dinner both in the Winter and Summer.

Drinks are well made and with a wine list of over 200 labels, you will be sure to find something great to accompany your meal.

Palermo Soho
Soler 5132

Unik is based on a very cool idea. Over 3 decades Unik’s owner Marcelo Joulia has been collecting funiture from the 1960’s and 1970’s. Faced with the dilemma of what to do with all of it, he decided to open a restaurant using only furniture from this collection. From the lamps to chair to tables, more than 35 designers are represented in Unik.

So, we know that Unik is a cool place in terms of it’s design, but how does the food line up? Its pricey but very tasty. The menu is pretty simple, featuring 5 appetizers, 5 main dishes and 4 desserts and its style can be considered “Modern Argentine.”

*Know of any other great new restaurants in Buenos Aires? Let us know in the comments below!!

2 Comments on “5 Hot New Restaurants in Buenos Aires”

  1. Withers Davis

    Sanbenito is really good – one of the best restos in BA. Their ossobuco is really great.

    BUT… Lima Mia might be one of the WORST restaurants in BA. When I went there it was downright horrible. The service was god awful and the food was even worse. It is possible things have changed, but man, was really really really really bad when I went there.

  2. Milsters

    Thank you so much for sharing these tips!!

    I am just about to make the move from Paris to Buenos Aires (via Vancouver) and am currently sitting at the airport in YVR awaiting my flight to EZE! I just discovered your website and will definitely be logging on for more recommendations.

    But this post on restaurants is the one I loved reading most today. As a foodie, I am really excited to try out all of the wonderful cuisine that BsAs is so famous for.

    Thanks again for the great recommendations!

    All the best


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