Bröeders Beer Night at NOLA: Amazing Beer & Food in Buenos Aires

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The other week I had the pleasure of attending Bröeders Beer Night at NOLA. NOLA, a closed door restaurant which serves Creole dishes, is the creation of Liza Puglia, a chef from New Orleans. NOLA has quickly become one of the most popular closed doors restaurants in Buenos Aires.

Recently, Liza has teamed up with Francisco & Marcelo Terren of Bröeders Artesanal Beer to create a special night every Thursday at NOLA which combines multiple beers tastings with a 3 course Southern dinner prepared by Liza.

lizaLiza Puglia aka NOLAchef

Before getting into the details of Bröders Beer Night at NOLA, first some details on Bröeders Artesanal. What started out as some brewing experimentation in their mother’s kitchen a little over a year ago, brothers Francisco & Marcelo Terren now produce over 320 liters per month of Indian Pale Ales, Porter, Scottish Ale and Honey Beer in a makeshift brewery on the roof of the same home that houses NOLA. While their micro-brewery is no bigger than a large closet, I was extremely surprised by the high quality of their beers. As a two man team, the amount of dedication, love and commitment really shines through in the quality flavors of their beer.

Bröeders Beer Night


Situated in an ultra-hip home in Palermo Viejo, the night starts out with a welcome Indian Pale Ale Beer which is enjoyed with some chile and lime salted peanuts. The IPA is a great start to the night. It has a fruitiness to it and a great golden body. Ample time is provided to mingle with other guests before the brothers take the group upstairs to show off their micro-brewery. Interesting details are provided about the brewing process and any questions are answered. The upstairs of the house where the brewery is located is an amazing terrance, making for a great place to sip a quality beer on a nice night.

Little by little guests are seated in the dining area and the first course of the meal is served by Liza aka NOLAchef. The first dish was chicken wings covered in a Creole mustard, soy, & sesame sauce. These were delicious and by the end I was eating them with my hands (like chicken wings should be) even though my manners might of been a bit out of place. The chicken wings were served with a tasty Golden Ale . I continued to be surprised by the quality of beer especially after seeing the brother’s tiny brewery (it goes to show that fancy machines and a brewery designed for tours is not needed to produce high quality beer).

The next dish was a pulled pork sandwich on homemade brioche buns with slaw & pickled vegetables. This was possibly the best pork sandwich I have had in my life and I let Liza know. It was definitely unexpected and tasted even better being washed down by the next beer served, a Scottish Ale which had a great malty taste. When each beer is served, the Terren brothers give an explanation of the beer how it is made, its qualities and complexeties and alcohol content.

sammiePulled Pork Sammie, Amazing

Finally for dessert, a Lemon Pie with a honey peanut crust was served accompanied by a Honey beer.

The amount of beer served is just about right for the whole evening. Depending on the size and tolerance of a person, about 4 large draft beers over a couple hours should leave one feeling happy and merry. Personally I was hoping that there was going to be one more dish served before the dessert, but I realized that 3 dishes is just right for the amount of beer being served (I was also secretly hoping for fried chicken, which I had heard is served on select nights). After all the night is mainly about beer. Beer fills one up quite fast, so serving too much food would not leave any room for trying all the beers.

For fans of beer, Bröeders Beer Night at NOLA is not to be missed. There are not a lot of quality microbrews in Buenos Aires or Argentina in general, so it is great to see highly energetic, committed individuals dedicated to crafting the best beer possible. For a cherry on top, the food from NOLAchef to accompany the beer is top notch.

beerBrothers Francisco & Marcelo Terren of Bröeders Artesanal

Event Info

Bröeders Beer Night at NOLA

-every Thursday at 9:30, capacity 17 people

-communal and private tables available

-4 different BROEDERS Artesanal Cervezas are showcased each week, totaling 3 pints per person

-3 course dinner, rotates weekly depending on select beers

-reservation only, $200 pesos a person

– Location address is provided after reservation is made

-twitter- @BROEDERSba

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