Steaks by Luis: 5 Course Private Parrilla in Buenos Aires

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We can all agree that one of the most famous things about Argentina is the meat and the famous ritual of the “asado”. With this in mind, nobody wants to miss the opportunity to taste an amazing asado while at the same time learning about how it is prepared, step by step, with the help of the “asador” (grillmaster).

Luis is an expert “asador” who had the bright idea of ??turning his gift for barbecuing into an exquisite 5 course meal at Steaks by Luis, showcasing the highlights of a full argentine asado.


Luis began preparing asados at the age of 11 led by his grandfather. He estimates to have done more than a thousand asados and is willing to share his expertise at the grill and answer questions from all who wish to learn more about this tradition that extends throughout the country.


Steaks by Luis is located in a beautiful terrace belonging to a loft located on the first floor on a corner of Palermo Soho. It is a “closed door restaurant” meaning you have make a reservation beforehand and guests sit at a communal table.


Steaks by Luis starts with a classic “picada”: a table of cold cuts and cheese and glasses of fine Argentine wine while Luis lights the coals on the grill. During this time diners have some time to show up and learn some Argentine customs accompanied by an excellent hostess. Next they can go visit the grill, where Luis tells them about the process, rituals and secrets of a great Argentine asado; which of course is much more than cooking meat.


Throughout the experience diners are served salad, achuras (typical Argentine asado appetizers like chinchulines, chorizo and blood sausage), a large steak and a dessert. Although foreigners are not used to eating certain parts of the cow, Argentines eat almost everything, and this is a good opportunity to try these delicacies. Believe it or not, these are the favorite parts for many Argentines and some items, such as sweetbreads, are often very expensive in restaurants. Along with the achuras an amazing “provoleta” is served: a delicious slab of cheese cooked in an iron pot with a little olive oil or directly on the grill.


Each dish is accompanied by the perfect pairing of wine and an explanation of each dish being served.

The dessert is cheesecake, but obviously in its Argentine version with a classic dulce de leche flavor.


The cost of dinner is US$75 and includes all food, wine, dessert, and most importantly, the atmosphere of a traditional asado among friendly people and the chance to see it step by step, which you will never find in a traditional restaurant. Make reservations on the website.


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