La Boca Roja: An Amazing Hot Sauce in Buenos Aires

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If anyone has been in Buenos Aires for a while, they will come to realize spicy food can be hard to come by. Not too hard, as there is an ever growing selection of Mexican restaurants and also a few Indian restaurants. But there are not too many options to spice up your own food other than buying some overpriced Tabasco Sauce in a Coto.

Thankfully two young Gringos from Washington DC, Mark and Kevin spent a month on an organic farm in Argentina learning how to make hot sauce and have brought their skills to Buenos Aires. Their creation is La Boca Roja which they are currently selling now!

I ordered two bottles for myself and have been very pleased. I have pretty much tried it on every food I have eaten for the past week and it has been great. It is great with empanadas, pizza, adding some spice to a stir fry, pretty much anything. The hot sauce is a great combination of spicy kick and tasty flavor, which is exactly what you want in a hot sauce.

As of now the easiest way to get your hands on a bottle is to send them an email at and they will gladly deliver to your door. They are also selling it at the San Telmo market on Sunday.

In addition to the tasty hot sauce Mark and Kevin (known as Ya Ya Beans), having been making some pretty entertaining videos detailing their journeys as they try to sell their hot sauce in Buenos Aires.

Video Example:

So, if you are craving some spice, Send these gentlemen an email ( and order a couple bottles of La Boca Roja. Or if you are really into spice, order 20 bottles.

Watch more of their videos and follow their adventures at their website:

Order La Boca Roja and have it delivered to your home: Send an email to

3 Comments on “La Boca Roja: An Amazing Hot Sauce in Buenos Aires”

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