Federación, Entre Rios, Argentina

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Last weekend my girlfriend and I decided to check out the little town of Federación in the Entre Rios providence of Argentina. Federación is nothing spectacular and surely isn’t a place tourists coming to Argentina are going to visit, but if you live in Argentina and have already visited some of the best sites, Federación is a great place to go for a long weekend. Also, being around 7 hours from Buenos Aires, it is a shorter option if you don’t want to spend 17 hours on a bus.

Federación is based around its hot springs park, which encompasses a large area of land and features different natural hot springs pools to enjoy. It also sports a full spa which provides great one hour massages for around 70 pesos. We spent both days relaxing at the hot springs park, drinking mate, playing cards and of course jumping in the hot spring pools.

While most of the action involves around the hot springs, the town itself provides a couple of nice dining options, some nice beaches along the river and a small but charming casino that will keep you busy at night.

I decided to record some video of our weekend there which you can view above and after my strange creative mind got to the footage, the final product ended up being a promotional tourist video for Federación with an ending that will probably leave you wondering “what the heck just happened?” Well, what can I say, there is not much you can do with around 2 minutes of video footage!! Enjoy!

4 Comments on “Federación, Entre Rios, Argentina”

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    Ah, esto era un mensaje muy bonito. En la idea me gustaría poner por escrito así, además, – tiempo de toma y el esfuerzo real para hacer una muy buen artículo … pero ¿qué puedo decir … me dilatar mucho y de ninguna manera parece que hacer algo.

  3. Martin

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