Como Viajo: Buenos Aires by Bus & Subway

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The bus system in Buenos Aires can be a little intimidating for newcomers but in reality it is a great and cheap way to navigate the city if you known what to take. A great way to get familiar with the bus system is to use the website Como Viajo . The concept is simple. Enter in your starting address followed by your end address and Como Viajo will give you the fastest possible route by bus or a combination of bus and the subway.

When starting out, it is very tempting to take a taxi everywhere. The fact is, for a lot of routes (some, but not all), you could take a bus or use the subway and arrive at your destination faster. This can usually hold true if your route is through a more residential area or at an off peak hour where the bus is not stopping every minute to pick up passengers.

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4 Comments on “Como Viajo: Buenos Aires by Bus & Subway”

  1. tangobob

    True the busses can be very intimidating, afterall it was about my fifth visit before I had the guts to try them, but the subte is farly easy. If you have a street map, the subte routes are quite clear, and although they may not always drop you exactly where you want, at least you know where you are, and importantly where to catch the tube back again.
    At peak times, they may be packed but they are the only way to travel, the busses, the taxis, even walking is reduced to a crawl due to the sheer volume if traffic.

  2. Jess

    How much are Taxis? Are are they all over, can you flag them down or do you need to call for them?

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