10 iPhone Apps for Use in Buenos Aires

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If you are living in Buenos Aires for an extended period of time and have unlocked your iPhone or are just here for a couple weeks and have your iPhone from back home, there are some great Apps to download that will make your life here a lot easier.

Below is a comprehensive guide of 10 of the best iPhone apps that are geared toward Buenos Aires in no specific order.

1. Buenos Aires Offline Street Map

The Buenos Aires Offline Street Map is a must for anyone who has had the urge to use Google Maps on their iPhone and cringed at the fact that it drain’s your phone credit. The Offline Street Map is just what it says, offline. The map is built in to the app and requires no connection.

Price: $4.99

iTunes Store Link

2. Buenos Aires Subway Lite

Buenos Aires Subway Lite is the only app you will need to navigate the Subways of Buenos Aires. There are other Subway apps that cost money while this app is free and provides the same amount of information.

Price: Free

Itunes Store Link

3. Buenos Aires Lonely Planet Guide

Some will love this app and others will not find its worth the price. It is basically a lonely planet guide condensed into an iPhone with some interactive features. I like how it’s map provides the location of many stores, restaurants and clubs. I also find it as useful reading material while I am on the Subway. But it’s steep price at $15.99 may not be worth it for some. Everything you find in here can be found in any print version you have. But if you find yourself wanting some reading material while on public transportation or in a taxi, the Buenos Aires Lonely Planet Guide provides you with many different articles about Buenos Aires history, culture, economics, etc. It also does not require a connection.

Price: $15.99

iTunes Store Link

4. Spanish-English Translation Dictionary

This is another app with a steep price at 19.99 but I would say it is worth every penny. I can’t count how many times this app has come in handy. To justify the price, I would say you are going to spend at least 10 dollars on a print dictionary and maybe even more than 20 dollars on an electronic dictionary. With this, you have it built-in to your cell phone and it doesn’t require a connection. On top of a comprehensive dictionary, it also provides an incredible verb conjugation feature. Type in any Spanish verb you want and it will provide a list of the conjugations in whatever verb tense you want. It also has a feature where you can enter in numbers and it will give you the Spanish translation.

Price: $19.99

iTunes Store Link

5. Noticias Argentina

If you are looking to practice your Spanish and also catch up on the daily news of Argentina, Noticias Argentina is a great app. It provides a list of all the major newspapers in Argentina with links to different articles.

Note: Requires connection

Price: $0.99

iTunes Store Link

6. Truco

Truco is the most popular card game played in Argentina and this is the iPhone version of it. Download this app and practice. Then go and beat all your Porteño friends at their own game.

Learn more about Truco on wikipedia

Price: $0.99

iTunes Store Link

7. Basic Spanish for Dummies

On top of having a Spanish-English Dictionary/Translator, it is good to also have an app that has flashcards, words & phrases, video tutorials and audio examples. There are a lot of foreign language learning apps, but I find Basic Spanish for Dummies provides a lot useful features in a well designed interface for a cheap price.

Price: $0.99

iPhone Store Link

8. Travelbrief Buenos Aires Guide

There is not much here that you won’t find in your Lonely Planet guide, but the Travelbrief city guide presents information as a luxury magazine, giving you the inside on the best places to Eat, Drink, Shop, Stay and Play in the city. It is also Free.

Price: Free

iTunes Store Link

9. Tenedor Libre

Tenedor Libre is a Buenos Aires restaurant guide with access to more than 2,000 reviews and ratings of selected Restaurants across the city. It features GPS for finding locations nearby, recommendations from a digital concierge, listings by neighborhood & cuisine and much more. It is also all in Spanish giving you another opportunity to practice!

Price: $0.99

iTunes Store Link

10. Currency Converter Pro

Before buying some new stylish clothes in Palermo Soho, check out how much it is going to cost in your own currency first. Currency Converter Pro provides you with a quick way to convert Pesos to your own currency and keeps you updated on what the exchange rate is.

Price: $0.99

iTunes Store Link

Have you used any other iPhone apps that have helped you out while living in Buenos Aires? Please feel free to let us know and write a comment below!

20 Comments on “10 iPhone Apps for Use in Buenos Aires”

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  2. Dennis


    for currency you can also get XE.com’s iPhone app, does the same tricks, and it’s free 😉

    (my 2 cents…)

  3. Shirley

    I agree with the Ultralingua Spanish-English dictionary. It is completely worth every cent of the price. Who cares that you can buy an equivalent paper dictionary for cheaper (you couldn’t, but anyway) – you’d never be able to slide it into your back pocket!

  4. Ian W

    I purchased Buenos Aires Offline Street Map but was unable to install it on my iPod. I keep getting the message “the application was not installed on ipod because the signature is not valid”. It seems the only way around this is to “Jailbreak” the iPod which I am not prepared to do.
    Don’t waste your money on this app.

  5. JohanXCallao

    I’ve found

    Guia Ole – (Castellano only) very useful
    ColectivosBA – (Castellano Only) Like having a Guia “T” in your pocket.
    SoundHound and Shazam – for figuring out the great music I find around town.

    And last but not least … While not an iPhone app,

    http://www.Omnilineas.com – Click your starting point on the map then click your destination and it’ll tell you which bus to use. It’s been indescribably useful in figuring out how to get around…and not just me…for friends and visitors too. The website works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

  6. Jessica

    I think a iPhone app to learn Spanish is Hello-Hello Spanish. They have good course content and really helpful for tourists.

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